An entrepreneur is taking notes in a Stand Together Ventures Lab notebook.

We invest to change society.

Instead of asking, “What do you do?” we ask entrepreneurs: “What needs to be done?” We empower founders obsessed with creating community-rooted solutions to our country’s biggest problems.

How we support your goals

Flexible and patient capital

We place your ability to achieve your vision at the heart of everything we do. There are no preset rules on investment maximization. Instead, we provide a flexible and adaptive process focused on each entrepreneur’s goals for the journey ahead.

Valuing monetary and social returns

Positive societal change is just as vital as achieving business success. We direct resources where they are most needed and evaluate success not just on monetary gains, but on the level of social impact.

Tailored access to a highly integrated network

Growth looks different for every start-up. We leverage our network thoughtfully— connecting you with the right consultants, advisors, investors, and customers to help you achieve your next stage.

Long-term partnership

Societal transformation doesn’t happen overnight. At STVL, we care less about short-term gains and more about the long-term success of our partner entrepreneurs.

Commitment to staying open, humble, and curious

We’re invested in tackling the toughest social issues, but we don’t have all the answers. We cultivate a judgment-free environment where radical ideas are celebrated, assumptions are challenged, and learning never ceases.

Meet our team

We’re not business people; we’re social change people. The STVL team represents a diverse professional background rooted in the very problems we wish to solve. Our unique bench of team members and the fresh perspectives they bring allows us to chart an entirely new, 
non-traditional paradigm for investing.

Sihyun Choi

Managing Director


Chloe Williams

Chief of Staff


Matt Hudecek

Chief Operating Officer


Brian Howe

Managing Director, Venture Studio


Jacob Rabinowitz

Managing Director, Investments


Kristi DeLozier

Director, Platform


Kasey Clarke

Engagement Manager


Robert Brook

Investment Associate


Raven Williams

Portfolio Operations Associate


Brigette Smith

Venture Support Specialist


Amina Resheidat

Investment Analyst


Deirdra Buissereth

Senior Administrative Assistant