K-12 EdTech Founders Secure Long-term Support to Develop Innovative Solutions

Sonny Caberwal, K-12 ed-tech founder, speaks about solutions at the Alignment Retreat.
“We don’t need to debate the problem; we need tactical solutions.”  

This from Sonny Caberwal, founder of Legends, a confidence-building program for elementary schoolers, sums up his approach to K-12 education and the type of support he has found through Stand Together Ventures Lab. Caberwal was one of the ed-tech founders who met in San Diego for the Stand Together Ventures Lab Alignment Retreat hosted April 12-14, 2024. The curated retreat is designed for entrepreneurs in pursuit of their next venture to tackle K-12 education challenges by building impactful tech products and companies.

"At the Alignment Retreat, we encourage founders to explore harnessing their skills and passion for tackling K-12 education challenges in the way of our long-term vision,” said Brian Howe, Managing Director of the Build Studio at Stand Together Ventures Lab. “By creating tech solutions and companies that address these issues, they not only drive positive change but also realize their potential as impact-driven entrepreneurs."

More than 300 founders applied or were recommended for the 15 spots available on the K-12 Alignment Retreat — an overwhelming signal that entrepreneurs are hungry for the Stand Together Ventures Lab offering.  

A founder-focused agenda with personalization in mind

Taking time away from the day-to-day work of building a new venture is crucial for founders to assess the vision, successes, and opportunities in their space. With this in mind, the Stand Together Ventures Lab team created a structured but flexible schedule as the weekend evolved.

"Our retreat was built with founders in mind, providing 1:1 sessions with experts ranging from top-tier leadership coaches to Sal Khan’s Schoolhouse.world cofounder, Drew Bent, to microschool founders and students themselves,” Howe said. “This approach helps our participants better understand themselves, focus on the problems worth solving, and build strong networks to support their potential future ventures."

The agenda offered networking opportunities and relaxation options, including yoga or beach biking.

The custom approach to this weekend matches Stand Together Venture Lab’s vision for investments and that personalization is not unnoticed among founders.  

“Just as we seek to do in education, you all are disrupting the venture-founding space,” said Amy, a Build Fellow who is continuing to create a solution in partnership with STVL. “You are starting with us as people and personalizing for us while also showing us we are not alone in this space and optimizing the value of collaboration. I am so appreciative of the degree of thoughtfulness applied to each piece of the process and the individual genius you each add.”

That bespoke support extends beyond the weekend for some founders, too.  

Developing one-of-a-kind solutions together

Throughout the Alignment Retreat, Stand Together Ventures Lab team members are looking for a group of founders they can coalesce for a unique opportunity — crafting a one-of-a-kind technology solution in education.  

“Stand Together Ventures Lab runs alongside top-tier entrepreneurs from idea discovery to market and impact validation, product design, and go-to-market and investor readiness,” Howe explained. With the confidence of our support at each step, founders are channeling their skills, passion, and vision into creating better products and companies that help others in our country thrive.”

That confidence extends to investors, who are more likely to trust and invest in an idea that venture funds have already backed. Stand Together Ventures Lab also encourages founders to avoid pitfalls that stifle opportunities, such as insufficient funds, short-term focus over long-term vision, or unaccountable advice from investors and advisors. During fundraising, founders receive support to help them preserve equity and maintain control until a viable path to success is established.  

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Adam Carter (left) with his co-founder, Juan Ocampo (center), talk with an STVL team member.

"The partnership with STVL represents a unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions to entrenched social problems,” said Adam Carter, co-founder of Via Education, a technology platform that connects young people with purposeful opportunities in higher education and the workforce. “While our engagement with STVL continues to evolve, their commitment to open dialogue is refreshing. Our collaborations always focus on making a lasting positive impact on the world."

The next Alignment Retreat will be for founders in the health care tech space, hosted in Nashville, TN from Tuesday, July 30 to Thursday, Aug 1. Apply or recommend a founder at refer@stventureslab.com.  

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